I Started Tae Kwon Doe/Karate when I was 6, which opened up my martial journey and passion and obtained black belt in that discipline, learned weapon forms, and became part of the academy's Demo team. Later after graduating high school at 18, for over a little over 11 years now have I trained in Vale Tudo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, No-Gi Submission wrestling Kickboxing/Muay Thai, and Judo. I currently teach and have taught Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, No-gi grappling, and Muay Thai/Kickboxing for over the past 6 years. I also have competed in multiple tournaments over the years. I currently hold the rank of brown belt under Professor Pedro Sauer/Marco Sampaio.

I had started up the first ever Jiu-Jitsu Club as the President/Founder at the college I attended St. Mary's College of Maryland. I currently work as an IT contractor at NIH.

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