Pure Performance Martial Arts Center

4980 Boiling Brook Pkwy Rockville, MD 20852

Phone: (301) 881-7314

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Pure Performance Martial Arts Center is a Hybrid Martial Arts Academy that Teaches Real-Life, Combat Self-defense Skills to Students of All Ages and Ability Levels.


Long before we became Martial Arts business owners, we were students of martial arts. In fact, we have been training in Martial arts all of our lives.

For us, Pure Performance will never really be about business, but rather a way of life. This Academy is an extension of who we are and that in which we believe.

As such, we guarantee that your training experience will reflect the Pure Performance philosophy: integrity, intensity, fitness, strength and continual improvement.

You may be surprised how easy we make it to learn martial arts in Rockville and how convenient it is to participate no matter what your schedule looks like. And as you become progressively stronger and more fit, you’ll see why members say that:

“PPMAC is hands-down the fastest, easiest and most fun academy for Martial Arts around.” 

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Everyone at Pure Performance Martial Arts strives to enhance and strengthen the lives of our members through the mind-body practice of martial arts.

In order to do so, our team joins people of diverse experience and discipline under the common, collaborative goal of constant improvement and positive change.

But this is no easy undertaking. So to stay on track, we focus through these fundamental core competencies:

Our work as instructors is not limited to martial arts; we are role models within the community as well. Our knowledge, language, communication, appearance and judgement should reflect and reinforce this.
Our staff should be able to effectively communicate and connect with our members and with each other. This is an important component of making Pure Performance a vibrant place with happy people.
We are all kindred warriors, at different points along our respective paths. And none of us have walked in the same one— or worn another’s shoes, so to speak. That’s we try to exercise care and caution in all our trainings, regardless of the person— and ask that hungry egos are checked at the door.
Working together, we can accomplish more. And in our field of continual, daily improvement, this idea is important. Pure Performance Staff work in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary way— freely offering and asking for support. Ultimately, it’s better for everyone.

Hundred of Satisfied Members, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

Read Just a Small Sample of Our Google Reviews Below

I am 65 years old and have joined Pure Performance gym recently to learn Krav Maga. I find all of the instructors to be competent, friendly and helpful. The atmosphere here is great amongst the students and the instructors. Some of the other students have gone out of their way to advise me. I am encouraged to push myself but not beyond my limitations to a point where I might hurt myself. My wife thinks that I am crazy for taking Krav up at this age but I am feeling more fit already and look forward to meeting my goal of being Level 1 this summer. This gym is clean and the the people here are top notch.
Steve Shiffer
Pure Performance is the best gym my husband and I ever went to! We originally started out on a Groupon, and we loved it so much we decided to get memberships there. The instructors are amazing and the classes are very intense (in a good way). My husband lost about 20 pounds in about 3 months of going to Krav Maga classes. We even made it to level 2 Krav Maga! We HIGHLY recommend this gym to anyone who wants to learn self-defense. It also teaches you confidence as well. Everyone who works at the gym is friendly and amazing!
Jessica Wieman
I have been going to this gym since Feb. 2011 and have been very impressed. I enjoy the instructors and the class environment. I also learn from other students when paired up with individuals who have backgrounds in other martial arts. I also love that this gym has a nice array of weight lifting equipment that can be used in between or before and after classes. This allows me to work out when I want even if I don’t want to take that particular class. The flexibility offered by this gym allows you to create your own personalized training method that fits your needs.
Steven Anderson

One Academy. For Everyone. Pure Performance.