Get Fit Fast With Our Kickboxing Classes In Rockville

Looking for the most exciting way to burn hundreds of calories and build lean muscle all at once? You've come to the right place. 

Our Kickboxing Classes in Rockville help men and women of all abilities push their bodies harder than ever before with high-energy workouts that are exciting and ever-changing.

Rely on our professional staff at Pure Performance Martial Arts Center to help you get in great shape in no time!

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Kickboxing Helps You Enjoy Total-Body Success Right Away

Rather than focus our efforts on self-defense strategies and techniques, Kickboxing is designed to keep your heart racing from the minute class begins. You'll enjoy a new and exciting curriculum every time you walk through the door and you'll leave our classes knowing you got the very most out of your body.

Our Kickboxing Classes in Rockville combine: 

  • Ground mobility skills
  • Plyometrics
  • Kettlebells and dumbbells

It's a revolutionary fitness system that compliments our traditional self-defense classes or stands alone as an incredible total-body training program.

This 2-day program gives you all the tools you need to run your own heart-racing Kickboxing class, complete with safe, sustainable fat-burning strategies.

You'll learn from the best and develop skills like:

  • Technique fundamentals
  • Lesson planning
  • Class management

Get Started Today With Our Kickboxing Program In Rockville

Change the way you train today with our cutting-edge Kickboxing Classes in Rockville at Pure Performance Martial Arts Center. You can have a blast pushing your body to better strength and fitness levels and you can enjoy the support and motivation of our trained staff and community of athletes.

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