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Krav Maga T-Shirt Pre-Orders - $30.00 

We are now taking pre-orders until October 18th for Krav Maga Shirts. Like the examples pictured below, each shirt will show your rank! We are accepting payments in cash or via PayPal; admin@pureperformancemac.com


When placing your order, please let us know your size and rank :)

As many of you have heard by now, AJ’s last day teaching will be Thursday, October 24th. He is moving back to his home state of Texas to be with his family. We are all deeply saddened by the news, but wish him and his family success and happiness moving forward! 

To celebrate his last day and say thanks for the wonderful friend, coach and mentor AJ has been while here at Pure Performance, we will be hosting a potluck on Saturday, October 26th from 11:00am-3:00pm. 

Everyone is welcome to bring anything they would like to contribute and to say their goodbyes. We are all going to miss him very much!

ADCC 2019 Bronze Winner Lachlan Giles will be here next Tuesday, October 8th from 6:00-8:30pm!

Tickets are $45 and will be on sale until 5:30pm the day of the event.

 *All classes will be cancelled.* 

Follow the link below to register! 



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