Judo Classes: Gentle and Effective Self Defense

Judo Classes: Gentle and Effective Self Defense

//Judo Classes: Gentle and Effective Self Defense

Judo Literally Means “The Gentle Way”

Originally slated to be more of a sport than a self-defense technique, judo wound up becoming the latter although it is an Olympic sport. Judo’s gentility comes from its reliance on timing and building persistence opposed to raw strength. By using your body’s natural reactions and timely moves instead of kicks and punches to fend off an attacker, judo has earned its namesake.

Why Judo is One of the Best Options for Self-Defense

Judo is great for all ages and fitness levels because of the mental focus that it requires. Judo classes typically begin with ukemi (“receiving body”) which teaches you how to safely respond to falling and attacks. You learn how to fall in a manner that you’re both mentally and physically prepared for it to prevent injury: after all, there’s a lot of throwdowns going on!
What makes judo often a life-changing martial art for many people seeking a new kind of workout is that it makes you less afraid to fall down. By learning to respect both the teacher and your opponent, it helps establish the kind of self-discipline necessary for being able to defend yourself and keeping a cool head at the same time. Judo techniques teach balance, coordination, and making the most of your body’s natural motions and reactions. By developing this kind of quickness on your feet and awareness of your opponent and surroundings, it’s why judo makes for effective self-defense method.

Is Judo a Good Workout?

Yes, it is. There are a multitude of benefits in judo, and it’s a fun way to get a good cardio workout if you’re bored at the prospect of going for a run or hitting the treadmill. It not only works well to get the heart pumping and lower bad cholesterol in people of all ages, but studies have even shown that judo helps increase bone density in children and teens who take classes compared to those who participate in a less intense activity.

The consistency of going to judo classes will help build up muscle, increase flexibility and endurance, and help you build confidence in yourself and your physical abilities. You may start classes with no experience and constantly on the floor, but soon enough become confident and disciplined enough to be the one doing the throwing. The meditative aspects of judo are what make it live up to being the gentle way and a powerful stress reliever. Judo is a great workout no matter what your age and level of fitness are because the activity is not only physically strenuous, but it works well as both a regimented exercise or something to spice up your regular exercise routines.

Whether you’re looking to get an intense workout that doesn’t involve a machine or want to learn self-defense but can’t throw a punch, Pure Performance welcomes you. We’re proud to offer a variety of judo classes for all skill and fitness levels with experienced instructors who want to make you feel comfortable. Contact us today to learn more about our judo classes for youth and adults.

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