Pure Performance Martial Arts Center Reviews

Rockville BJJ

I wasn't sure what I was going to walk into especially being beginner. This a such a great gym with fantastic instructors! Everyone in the gym from members; instructors to staff are friendly and eager to help you improve. I'm really happy to have been recommend to come and the decision to join was easy...Great place to train for all ages and abilities!

Epi Newcomb Pitre

Rockville BJJ

Super helpful and friendly instructors, a great place to train. No contract, reasonable price, always learn a lot. Can't recommend coach Ali's no gi class enough.

Chuan Chen

Rockville BJJ

These guys have a lot of programs. From Muai Tai to Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga. You see the trainers and coaches working out in the different styles, and the feeling in each class is one where you will be pushed to move out of your comfort zone regularly. This goes for mental fortitude as well as physical strength. I've trained a before, and Deo, Cameron, AJ, Dwight and Lisa (the ones I have interacted the most with) have got to be some of the most dedicated and talented instructors I've come across.

Mayer Green

Rockville BJJ

PPMAC is a top notch training center. I have been going here for about 2.5 years or so and love training there. There are multiple disciplines to train in - BJJ, Krav Maga, Judo, Muay Thai, and others - and you can train in all of them as much as you like with your membership. I personally do Muay Thai and Krav Maga and can say that the instructors are excellent. They take time to explain things when needed and adapt classes to those that are attending on a particular day. Also, the support staff and other members are great. Everyone is there to get good training and help each other out. It's a very welcoming atmosphere and i highly recommend it.

Brent R.

Rockville BJJ

What a great place for both kids and adults ! Lots of different classes- self defense, must Thai, jujitsu

Steve Johanson

Rockville BJJ

I have been going here for about 2.5 years or so and love training there. PPMAC is a top notch training center. There are multiple disciplines to train in - BJJ, Krav Maga, Judo, Muay Thai, and others - and you can train in all of them as much as you like with your membership. I personally do Muay Thai and Krav Maga and can say that the instructors are excellent. They take time to explain things when needed and adapt classes to those that are attending on a particular day. Also, the support staff and other members are great. Everyone is there to get good training and help each other out. It's a very welcoming atmosphere and i highly recommend it.


Rockville BJJ

Never thought I would be training in Krav Maga. Fighting, self defense or any martial arts were simply not for me. But the amazing team of instructors at Pure Performance changed my mind. I go everyday and train hard, the most surprising part for me, I have a blast every time! Thank you PPMAC!

Kathy Brana

Rockville BJJ

I love loooove this place!! Pure Performance has the best instructors! The atmosphere in this martial arts center is just great. I never thought I would be taking Krav Maga classes or better yet have a blast while doing it. I am not only positively working off the stress from work and a few extra pounds but I'm actually learning a very useful skill, self defense! Hands down would recommend this place.

Kathy B.

Rockville BJJ

I have been going to this gym since Feb. 2011 and have been very impressed. I enjoy the instructors and the class environment. I also learn from other students when paired up with individuals who have backgrounds in other martial arts. I also love that this gym has a nice array of weight lifting equipment that can be used in between or before and after classes. This allows me to work out when I want even if I don't want to take that particular class. The flexibility offered by this gym allows you to create your own personalized training method that fits your needs.

Steven Anderson

Rockville BJJ

Great workouts and skills. Fun for the entire family.

Marc Cormier

Rockville BJJ

Great atmosphere has to be one of the top mixed martial arts center in the DMV! Knowledgable and fun instructors make the classes intense and educational! Great for young kids and for high level fighters!!

Colin Q.

Rockville BJJ

Amazing place to learn and train. Staff and instructors are super friendly and talented. Must check out if in the area.

Chris Sanchez

Rockville BJJ

Pure Performance is an excellent place to learn a variety of martial arts and self defense methods from qualified and enthusiastic instructors. The atmosphere is friendly and inclusive while the instructors are patient, knowledgeable, and hard working. I'm happy to be part of the Pure Performance family.

Victoria Ivicek

Rockville BJJ

Super fun and friendly environment, the instructors are great and they really challenge you getting the best out of you.

Camila Oliveira Dygert

Rockville BJJ

My experience here has been great. The instructors are very competent and willing to spend time going over material and giving great real-time examples and practical application. I definitely feel that my endurance and skill has improved and I will continue taking classes as long as I can. Liam Neeson should probably send his wife and daughter here to preclude the need for Taken 3...even though I would watch it.

Jerel Wright

Rockville BJJ

Great trainers the only place I want to train

David Maximus

Rockville BJJ

Great place to train! They have it all. For flat fee you can cross train trough all their programs. The Jiu jitsu instructor Marco is brazilian and awesome trainer. Very down to earth and explains very well. The striking coach AJ is amazing trainer as well and he will make sure you will have some fun while you train. Very friendly staff and the comunication with everybody is so easy. Great members as well.

Dimitar P.

Rockville BJJ

I would absolutely recommend Pure Perfomance for any age.

Christopher Kaufman

Rockville BJJ

I have trained here for 18 months, mainly in Krav Maga. The instructors create a safe, fun environment and take time to work individually with students to ensure techniques are performed correctly. The facility is also excellent with an extensive weight area which can be used anytime they are open. I would highly recommend checking this school out before you decide where to train.

Seth Bleakley

Rockville BJJ

I've been a member of PPMAC for about a year now and I can certainly say that this place is great! Friendly people, awesome classmates and a family friendly environment make for a great place to work out and hang out!

I originally came here on a groupon deal and never left. I'm so glad I didn't, the Krav Maga classes are great. Jake, Deo and Jen, who are the Krav instructors, all really know what they are doing! The classes are numerous and diverse and you do something different every class. This place is great for working out, learning to defend yourself and/or improving skills. Come check it out, I'll certainly be there to greet you, that's how much I love this place!

I would recommend you call them for driving instructions though, because Tom's right, it's hard to find the first time around!

Elizabeth W.

Rockville BJJ

I was reluctant to start taking Krav Maga since I had no previous training in any form of martial arts. From the very first day I contacted Pure Performance about taking Krav, I was given a warm welcome. They didn't try to hide anything and were very straight forward about their memberships. When I began taking classes, all of the instructors made me feel right at home. They all understand that you are a beginner and go above and beyond to teach you. They also recognize your potential and support you in achieving that potential. The members who belong to Pure Performance are all very friendly as well. There is a strong sense of camaraderie. I highly recommend Pure Performance to anyone! I, myself, plan on remaining a member for years to come.

Matthew Norris

Rockville BJJ

This martial arts center is phenomenal. While I only joined last month, it has already become clear to me that joining Pure Performance has been once of the best investments I've made in myself for a very long time.

First, they give you an opportunity to try a class - with no commitment - to get a feel for what it would be like to train there. They are also up front about their pricing, and you get an incredible amount of top-notch instruction for a very reasonable price. In fact, they offer instruction in ten different martial arts, and you can do it all if you have the time and inclination.

Cam, in particular, is an incredibly effective, high-caliber instructor who knows what he's doing - he explain techniques clearly, is remarkably patient, pushes everyone, and is ridiculously funny. When I had studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu years back when I was living in Massachusetts, I was fortunate to have great instruction there, too, and these guys rival - if not exceed - the best instruction I've ever had.

While they will work with beginners, I would want potential martial arts students to know that even the warm-ups can be incredibly rigorous; I say this as a guy who's been back in the gym about three hours per day on average this summer, and I'm accustomed to pushing myself. Just be ready to be challenged - in a good way. In fact, in an amazingly awesome way.

I am so grateful to have found this place. They offer so much, are real solid people, and even better instructors. Thanks to them, I have discovered a passion for Krav Maga that I didn't know I had - and I am confident that I'll be discovering new martial arts I love, too, in the months ahead.

Rock on, Pure Performance.

Matt F.

Rockville BJJ

Pure Performance is the best gym my husband and I ever went to! We originally started out on a Groupon, and we loved it so much we decided to get memberships there. The instructors are amazing and the classes are very intense (in a good way). My husband lost about 20 pounds in about 3 months of going to Krav Maga classes. We even made it to level 2 Krav Maga! We HIGHLY recommend this gym to anyone who wants to learn self-defense. It also teaches you confidence as well. Everyone who works at the gym is friendly and amazing!

Jessica Wieman

Rockville BJJ

I love getting my butt kicked by their instructors! The instruction is top notch!

Gary Jouvelakas

Rockville BJJ

I was a complete newbie and more than a little out of shape. The staff was GREAT!!! Patient, willing and able to meet me at my level without distracting the rest of the class; as a former teacher myself, I was impressed. Classmates are a big part of the experience; we all start somewhere, right? Literally everyone was helpful and encouraging despite my awkward flailings. I also liked that I was urged to attend as many classes of any discipline that I might like; they strongly encourage cross-training. I'm looking forward to continuing and taking my first level test soon. Good luck to you, too!

Robin E.

Rockville BJJ

great gym amazing trainers i lost 45 pounds in 4 months i attended krava maga every day , fitness five times a week boxing 3 times and i showed up before classes to train solo , you get what you pay for, i rated a 2 out of 3 only because theres always room for improvement

Rich Sutton

Rockville BJJ

I am 64 years old and have been attending Krav Maga lessons at PPMAC for a couple of months and I love it here. The facility is clean, instructors are excellent and there is a great atmosphere here amongst everyone who attends here. There is no pressure to sign a long-term contract here, they are very flexible.

Steve S.

Rockville BJJ

I first decided to come here after reading all of the good reviews on the Facebook page, and I must say, that this place was even better than my expectations. There are people of all ages and levels at this center, and especially as a beginner, I didn't find it awkward to take part in a class where I had no prior experience before. The teacher was great, and he set down the basics and reinforced good habits from the very first lesson. There was no meek, dipping your toes in the water just to get a taste. You're giving full effort from the very beginning, and it seems like every single session is going to be worth it.

The place is relatively advanced in its use of technology as well- there are ipads which you use to sign into your membership and to check into classes, and there is an iPhone app you can download as well. All in all, I'd say that this is the best place to be to learn a new martial arts- judging from other people's experiences, and from my own as well.

Lydia H.

Rockville BJJ

PPMAC is awesome!

I started going about a year ago and I love this place. You actually learn really useful techniques and the instructors are good at providing feedback to each student during the class. You also have a lot of fun, at least in Krav Maga, with all the fight simulation drills, and won't even notice you are getting a real workout until friends you haven't seen in a while start point out how ripped you are.

If you have ever been slightly bored during your current workout, or care at all about being able to defend yourself, this is the place for you!

Leticia N.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rockville

This gym was very well stocked. It's more than just a martial arts center. It's a weight room as well which was a pleasant surprise. I took part in the beginners Krav Maga class and it was a workout. The instructor was patient and well informed. He took the time to make sure your technique was right and showed the right way to do it if it was wrong. The class was a good mix of people ranging from 7 years old to around 55 with both guys and girls of all different athletic levels. You have the option of participating in a free trial class or paying $50 for 10 classes. After one class, I know I will be back. The only issue I had was finding the place. But let me be clear, that was my only issue.

Mike T.

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